About Me

P1020168Despite what people tell you, an English degree can get you far in life. Since my formative university years I have worked in custom, trade and consumer publishing, an industry trifecta, so to speak, that, if nothing else, means I know what an em-dash is.

I started writing and editing for a custom lifestyle magazine called New Outlook, which catered to Sears loyalty members ages 50 and up, and followed that with my current gig as Associate Editor at Travelweek, a Canadian travel trade publication that gives me an excuse to write about exotic destinations and, when time permits, visit them too. On the consumer side of things, I took on the role of Managing Editor at The Bay St. Bull, a lifestyle magazine that tries to capture (in 60 pages or less) the life and times of the Toronto Professional. Here, I wrote and edited copy about fast cars, fancy restaurants, business mergers and financial planning, a wide range of subjects that spans the breadth of modern-day life in the T-Dot.

When I’m not at the office or watching shameless reality television, I freelance write/edit for tour operators, travel companies, magazines and businesses, anyone who needs a quick story, a press release or a simple read-through to dot the I’s. A few times a year I find myself in some far-off country with a camera around my neck and Birkenstocks on my feet. Over the course of 15 years and 50 countries, I’ve eaten scorpions in China, jumped off a bridge in New Zealand, white water kayaked in Laos, petted a rhino in Kenya, drank corn beer in Peru and charmed a snake in Morocco.

Wherever life takes me, I’m always up for an adventure. If only my alma mater could see me now.